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KBS competition vest & shorts

KBS competition vest & shorts (both Blue & Red) including 1 x handwrap (color of your choice) sold as a set for just $60 🥊🙂Whatsapp +6598238242 to purchase

KBS Boxing Gloves

Kadir's Boxing School Boxing Gloves priced at $100. This 100% Genuine leather is made from cowhide leather. We have the standard Gold & Black KBS gloves at 12, 14 & 16 Ounces and we have Blue & Red KBS competition gloves at 10 Ounces 🥊🙂 Interested to purchase please whatsapp +6598238242

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-08 at 00.39.05_d704ca66.jpg
KBS Fight Team T-Shirt

KBS Fight Team T-Shirt for $15 each 🥊🙂Please send a whatsapp message to +6598238242 indicating size & color - Do check the size chart (last image) to be sure it fits you and the choice of colors.

KBS Handwraps (5m) 

KBS Handwraps (5m) for $10 each 🥊🙂Please send a whatsapp message to +6598238242 indicating quantity & color - We currently have 5 different colors - Black, White, Green, Red, Blue

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