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Coach Syed Kadir

The head coach of the Kadir's Boxing School is none other than the ex-national coach for boxing in Singapore, Mr. Syed Abdul Kadir.


Having started the sport of boxing since the age of 9, our coach has been in the forefront of Singapore's boxing scene for the past 30 years.

Notably, Mr. Syed Abdul Kadir was the first Singaporean to win a medal for boxing in the Commonwealth Games, where he was awarded the bronze medal. He has also been a representative for Singapore in various regional meets, including the 7th Asian Games.


He represented Singapore at the SEAP Games from 1969 to 1979, winning one gold and two silver medals. His greatest fight was in 1971 SEAP Games when he defeated Burma, Vanlal Dowla, then the best boxer in Asia, in the final.


He also competed in the Asian Games in 1970 and 1974 and at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich,Germany. At the Olympics, he won the first bout, but the second was stopped because of a cut on his eyebrow. In 1974 he gave Singapore its first Commonwealth Games boxing medal, in New Zealand. He was the most prolific of Singapore boxers from 1968 to 1976.


To this day, Mr. Syed Abdul Kadir remains the most bemedaled local boxer in Singapore's sports history. When Mr. Syed Abdul Kadir hung his gloves in his late twenties, he carried forth his mission to continue nuturing young boxers by becoming the national coach. Indeed, his career outside of the ring was by no means lesser than his career in the ring.


His coaching efforts paid off, with young boxers becoming representatives for Singapore in many major international sports meets.


In 1974, he was conferred the Singapore National Olympic Council award for "Sportsman of the Year", in recognition for his contribution to boxing and sports in Singapore. Mr. Syed Abdul Kadir was also the receipient for the "Coach of the Year" Award in 1985.


He is only the second sportsman in Singapore's sports history to have received both awards. On 18 December 1999, Mr. Syed Abdul Kadir was awarded as being one of "Singapore's 50 Greatest Atheletes of the Century".

Today, he continues to share his knowledge and experience to young trainees in the sport which he shares so much passion for. In addition to coaching at Kadir's Boxing School, Mr. Syed Abdul Kadir is also the coach for the Saint Andrew's School Boxing Club, his alma mater.


And is currently the President of Singapore Amateur Boxing Association (SABA) -


This site is dedicated to Mr. Syed Abdul Kadir for all his hard work in the gym.


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If your idea of a boxing gym is a gloomy, dirty environment filled with people picking for a fight, well think again! Kadir's Boxing School is filled by people from all walks of life with a common interest in boxing. Some of the people who frequent the gym are teachers, bankers, managers, engineers, executives, and students of all ages and academic levels, and of both genders, just to name a few professions.


Serious people who are truly keen to learn the art of boxing are always welcomed at the gym, and many among the members have become good friends through using the gym.



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